The  lawyer advises you after reviewing your condition. They first review your situation on what caused you to become disabled if it was through accident or will have to go through medical records if the disability is due to medical condition to first know how to continue with the case. 

Answers every questions concerning disability. Any question that a disabled person has and wants to get answers and  just ask the lawyer and the questions will be answered very well.

Help in filling of the application. The lawyer will help you feel the application correctly to be able to be accepted by the SSA. 

If denied benefits, they help you file an appeal. Sometimes a person may be denied benefits even when they have meet the condtion for applying due to strict rules.

At an appeal hearing, your chances of winning can increase. At this stage, having a qualified lawyer can make you case win and claims approved very quickly

Represents you in court if you procced to trial. If you were unable to win in appeal hearing, yo can decide to hire a disability lawyer when you have already ask for review and SSA has deny you claim. 

When to hire a disability lawyer

When initiating a disability claim

When your claim has been denied.

When the appeal process has been denied and one has to start the application  again.

How much it cost ?

When one decides to hire a lawyer,one thing that comes into someone’s mind is, how much is the cost of hiring?. They are being paid only when you have win a case and that 25% of your pay and its only once since the rst of the money youwill be usinh alone.

In conclusion, hiring a disability lawyer increases chances of winning the case if you had been denied the benefits by SSA and you are disabled. And though Social Security Administration has a lot of complications and strict rules, but with a qualified lawyer the case can be very simple to win.

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